My father’s coat

This is a request for blankets, winter coats, or a donation to help BAT buy emergency blankets, sometimes called space blankets. It is now winter and BAT sees many people in need of a little warmth. DONATE HERE.

Now, the Holiday story: on Christmas Eve we were at BAT doing what we do most days to make it possible for BAT to produce better live theater.

In the building next to BAT is Transform Burien, a group of churches who work together to feed and clothe those in need. They are great neighbors, and when BAT gets a costume donation we always check to see if there is something Transform Burien’s clothing bank can use.

On Christmas Eve, Transform Burien had a free meal for people. It was also the day it snowed in Burien. As they cleaned up a few apparently homeless folks hung around under the awnings at BAT. It was a cold and snowy night.

As we were leaving, we noticed some we’re underprepared for the cold.

At BAT we keep a box of blankets, energy blankets, and winter coats that we give out when we see this kind of need. BAT does not use that many heavy coats and blankets on stage, and the emergency blankets are there just to give out.

BAT had not restocked its supply of blankets and the like since last winter, so we did not have as much to share as we do sometimes. BAT gave out what it had, but there was still a gentleman without a warm coat.

My father died about ten years ago. I held onto a few of his coats. They were very good quality and I wanted to hold onto something of his. After a few years, I realized I was not wearing dad’s coats. I gave them to BAT for costumes.

On that snowy Christmas Eve, one of dad’s coats was the warmest coats we had that might fit a cold gentleman. So, BAT gave dad’s coat to someone who needed to be a little warmer. If dad can look down, I am sure he is pleased.

BAT wants to replenish its blankets and especially it emergency blanket supply. The latter is especially important as emergency blankets are easy to carry, waterproof, and warm. Please take a moment to see if you have a blanket to share and make a donation to BAT so it can buy a number of emergency blankets to give away. DONATE HERE.

If you want to buy some regency blankets on your own to give to BAT, and you use Amazon, remember to go to Amazon Smile or Amazon Prime Smile, then select Burien Actors Theatre as your charity, and BAT will get a small donation from Amazon based upon the amount of your purchase.

Have a very Happy New Year and if you can help BAT keep people warm this winter.



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