As BAT relabels the books in BALL

BAT has a lending library. It is located in Phoenix Tea on 152nd in Burien. Right now there are about 300 books and scripts in BALL, Burien Actors Lending Library. A small personal library has just been donated to BAT, so the number will rise as the books and scripts can be labeled and logged in.

So, why does BAT have a lending library?

The short answer is that when BAT looked for scripts to produce, there were none to be found in Burien. Sure, a bookstore or two had some Shakespeare, but nothing more recent. But there is much more to the answer to that question.

How can a theater town like Burien not have access to the amazing world of scripts and theater tech?

BAT is a theater. Theaters flourish when they have supporters who enjoy theater. To many, that enjoyment includes reading scripts and learning about the craft that is live theater. It may not be for everyone, but many, like me, enjoy a script as much as a novel. However, until BALL, there was no place to get a script in Burien. BAT set out to change that. Hence, BALL.

It all started with a few scripts and a couple of books on theater tech. Then more and more scripts and books. BALL is now 300 volumes strong and growing.

With the exception of musicals and manuscripts that do not allow BAT to keep them or lend them out, BAT puts a copy or two of the upcoming show in BALL. So, you can always read the script to see if the show fits your taste.

Additionally, BAT reads scripts for upcoming seasons. Not all fit the time slot or would feel right on BAT’s stage. Nothing wrong with them, in fact, some are great, but just not right, right now. BAT adds those scripts to BALL. As of now BALL’s books span 80 years. One is from 1937, and a couple are from 2017.

Tonight, BAT was meeting with a possible new volunteer, she said she did not understand BAT having a lending library. It got me thinking. How to spread the word about BALL? How to get people excited about the world of scripts and theater magic?

Right now, I am not exactly sure how to make that happen, but I do know you can stop by Phoenix Tea, pull up a chair, a cup of tea, and enjoy some theater. Of course, you can also check a script or book out, just remember to bring it back.



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