Double donation

A very sweet donor made a donation to BAT in honor of a friend who had passed. She wanted people to see her friend’s name in BAT’s program when they came to a show. This was a wonderful way to remember her friend.

(You do not have to wait until your friends die before you honor them with a donation to BAT. Do it now. Let your friends see your love while they are still here to see it. DONATE)

What made this recent donation doubly good is that Boeing will match that donation because the donor is a Boeing employee. (Boeing will match 100% of an employee’s gift and one half of a retiree’s gift.)

But Boeing is not the only company that matches your donation to BAT. Hundreds of companies do that. Here is a 31-page list of companies that expand your kindness. LIST Is your employer on the list?

If your employer will match your gift, there is no reason to wait any longer to become a BAT donor. You make better live theater possible. Do it now! DONATE

But let’s say your employer is not on the list, or you are self-employed. What then? BAT is just as happy with your unmatched gift.

Whether your gift is matched or not, giving will make you happy. You will be investing in better live theater. Your kindness will come back to you in many ways. Don’t wait to do it now! DONATE

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