Getting the rights

BAT has all but settled on the first show of its 2018-19 season. Although that show will not open until September 2018, there are things to take care of now, like paying for the rights to the show. DONATE HERE

First, a little background. BAT pays the author of for the right to produce each show BAT produces. This is most often done through an agreement with a publishing house. Sometimes, BAT makes a deal directly with the playwright’s agent. The latter happens when the script has either not been published yet, or there is no US publisher.

The money BAT pays the author are called royalties.

Typically, royalties are based on the number of performances, the size of the house, for BAT that is 94 seats, and the average cost of a ticket. BAT offers a number of ticket deals, so although tickets are $20 for general admission, $17 for seniors and active military, and $10 for students, the average price per ticket is lower than it might first appear.

For example, to make theater more accessible, BAT offers what it calls $7-Sunday. On the first Sunday of every run, all tickets are $7. BAT knows that for some, $20 to see play can be a burden on the budget. However, BAT wants everyone to see better live theater. (Get your tickets to Rapture, Blister, Burn HERE.)

There are also a few publishing houses that want a percentage of the gross revenues as part of the rights to produce the play. Typically, these publishing houses also want a minimum guarantee that is paid before the show begins.

Not that long ago, most publishing houses wanted to be paid just a few weeks before the show opened. That was nice. It gave BAT more time to cover the royalties and not tie-up that money for months or even years before the show opened.

That has, for the most part, changed. Now publishing houses want the royalties further and further in advance.

BAT occasionally finds great scripts that have not yet been published. In those cases BAT deals with the playwright’s agent. Very rarely, with the playwright him or herself.

And sometimes there is a hybrid.

For the possible first show of BAT’s 2018-19 season, it is a little different. That show has been published, but not in the US. The playwright has an agent, but not in the US. After much work, BAT has cut a deal to produce the show. But the agent wants to be paid now for the rights.

BAT is sure you will love the show. It is exciting, something you have never seen before, and you are not likely to see it anywhere else for at least a few years. BAT was offered a very good deal on the royalties, but BAT needs your help! Please help bring this wonderful work to the United States! Take a moment, right now, to help BAT raise the royalties!



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