Search for BAT Burien

There is a fun aspect of Google. When you go to do a search, Google tries to guess what you are looking for. It provides a list to choose from, as you type.

For example, if you type in the letter “f,” the list starts with Facebook. That is because more people whose searches begin with “f” are looking for Facebook than any other search term.

I thought it would be fun to see how many letters you would have to type to get BAT on the list. – I tell people looking for BAT to search for BAT Burien and we’ll be at the top of the list. – So, how well did that work out?

At “b” the top of the list was Best Buy.

At “ba” the top was Bank of America.

At “bat” the top of the list was Bath and Body Works.

At “bat “ the top of the list was bat coin.

At “bat b” the top of the list was bat bite.

At “bat bu” the top of the list was bat bugs, but BAT Burien was second on the list. This was the first time BAT Burien made it to the list.

At “bat bur” the top of the list was BAT Burien.

Not too sure what this means, but somehow I think its pretty good for a 94 seat house that produces better live theater in Burien.

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2 Responses to Search for BAT Burien

  1. Elbowman says:

    B..u..r..i..e..n..a..c..t and we’re #1

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