Why do we like bunnies?

A show BAT is looking at for next season calls for one of the actors to drown a bunny and then bring it back to life.

Somehow I think BAT’s audience, cast, and crew would not like to see that actually happen. But why not?

Many of us eat meat. (Yes, BAT’s vegetarian and vegan fans, not all of us eat meat.) All of the meat we eat was alive and had to be killed. So, why would it upset us to see a bunny drown?

Is it that bunnies are cute? Is it that its death would be so close and personal? Why is it so bad to kill a bunny, but okay to eat one? RECIPES

Theater is about illusion. So of course, BAT will not kill an animal on stage. We are looking for other ways to handle this necessary part of the show. This video at 3:10 shows a great option. And I know we will figure out a way to avoid the actual carnage, but still let the audience think it was possible.

The fact there is an option for BAT to avoid harming any animals belies the question, why would the audience be offended by killing a bunny on stage?


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