A pig in a poke

During Rapture, Blister, Burn (just ended) BAT had the opportunity to secure the rights to its October 2018 show with one caveat. The agent wanted the funds now, or BAT could not secure the rights to the show.

For many reasons, BAT could not disclose the name of the show until the royalties were paid. So, in the curtain speech, BAT asked for money to pay the royalties of an undisclosed show that would only be produced if enough patrons donated. (To sweeten the deal, a BAT trustee agreed to match the money other patrons donated, but still . . . )

BAT’s patrons stepped up to produce better live theater. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

BAT secured the rights to the show! We’ll be announcing it soon.

Two things about this amaze. First, BAT’s patrons raised the royalties. The kindness that flows from BAT’s patrons never ceases to amaze. They make BAT smile all the time.

Second, BAT donors contributed to the rights to a show we could not name. Truly, they bought a pig in a poke. It was a leap of faith.

BAT likes to think this is tangible proof that BAT patrons like the shows BAT produces. That makes BAT happy.

BAT takes risks. It does not often do one of the “classics” of small theater. BAT produces shows because they are good scripts which speak to the times we live in, and they often have a comic element. (Life is hard after all.) But that means BAT does not always do shows with name recognition. (This is part of why BAT formed its script club and BALL – Burien Actors Lending Library, so people can familiarize themselves with the scripts before the show if they are interested in that.)

BAT is looking forward to seeing you at its next show, Church & State, opening April 27, 2018. A shows that is all too timely. TICKETS

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  1. Elbowman says:

    You’ve established a high level of trust by way of your previous choices, BAT.

    Keep up the inspiring work!

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