Beyond plays at BAT

BAT is a nonprofit (501(c)(3) entity) that means we do have not shareholders, but we do serve the community. BAT was recently asked, “Does BAT do more than just put on plays?”

As a BAT volunteer, this is an odd question because I see what BAT does, but it is worth answering.

Where to begin?

BAT has a script club. It is where people in the community read a script a month and talk about it. (Like a book club). LINK

BAT has a playwriting group, Seattle Playwrights Studio. BAT’s effort to help keep theater alive and well. LINK

BAT has a lending library, BALL. It is located in Phoenix Tea in Burien. LINK Right now there are about 300 scripts in BALL, but BAT will be adding about 700 more over the next few months. Look for the grand opening notice and party! (BALL had been located in a Burien bookstore, but that store recently closed.)

BAT takes monologues to local senior living facilities. These are often, but not always, written by the fine people at BAT’s Seattle Playwrights Studio.

On final full-dress rehearsal, BAT gives away 90 free tickets to local high schools.

The final details of BAT’s drama student scholarship are being ironed out. Soon, BAT will be helping theater students with their education.

BAT lists of all Burien’s 160 restaurants with the type of cuisine, hours, reviews and distance from the theater on BAT’s website. LINK BAT does not charge for this listing. But it helps you find a place for dinner before or after the show.

BAT is working with the City of SeaTac to bring BAT’s second stage theater to SeaTac, and possibly theater in the SeaTac parks starting in 2019. Burien has shown some interest in this too.

BAT makes charitable donations of tickets to tens of other charitable organizations. Look for BAT’s donations at your next auction.

BAT provides centerpieces for the wonderful Empty Bowls put on by the City of Burien.

BAT has a booth at the Burien Wild Strawberry Festival.

BAT is in Burien’s 4th of July Parade.

BAT has partnered with local businesses to help them thrive. The May 2107 report from the Foster School Business on BAT’s Economic impact in Burien proves that on average each patron to a performance at BAT spends $22.27 in Burien, over and above the price of their ticket. BAT adds over $141,000.00 to the Burien economy.

Plus, BAT has a special relationship with Pickled & Preserved, who sells BAT show tickets right on main street. Pickled & Preserved also makes coffee for BAT’s concessions. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Phoenix Tea hosts BALL (BAT’s lending library). Come for the books and scripts stay for tea.

Burien Press provides coffee certificates for BAT’s daily drawing.

And, of course, BAT lends and rents props and costumes to other theaters to help keep theater alive in the Northwest.

This is the short list. What BAT come up within 15 minutes. I am sure there is more.

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