Church & State in tech

Church & State is in tech rehearsal. It opens Friday, April 27 at 8 pm. GET YOUR TICKET HERE

Church & State is the last show of BAT’s 2017-18 season. BAT will be back in October with Dr. Frankenstein by Selma Dimitrijevic, This is not your father’s Frankenstein. Victoria Frankenstein and her articulate monster will forever change how you look at this classic story.

But before this season ends, there is Church & State. This wonderful script is, unfortunately, all too relevant.

One of the storylines is what happens to a Republican Senator after there is a shooting at his child’s school. Timely.

Yes, the script is great. But it would be nothing without BAT’s directors, actors, and creative team. The look, feel, and storytelling in this show is, well, powerful. Oddly though, it is also a very funny show. A dramedy, if you will.

Tech week is when all of the work of the creative team comes together. Yes, tweaks are often necessary, but to see a show go from five or six people, who have been working in relative solitude, let the rest of us into their world is a process that never ceases to amaze me. You can taste the creativity in the air. You can feel the cold breath of live theater against the back of your neck. It is days like this when you can see why, after years of predicting the death of live theater, theater remains so powerful and alive.

Marshall McLuhan said, ”The medium is the message.” That axiom is nowhere more apparent than with better live theater. There is nothing more immediate, real, and powerful than live theater. Church & State will get you to smile and laugh, but more importantly, you will not leave the theater without being touched.

Join BAT. Be amazed. You will not be disappointed.

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