The British are so polite

BAT has already posted about its struggle to find actors editions of the script for Dr. Frankenstein, SEE PRIOR POST HERE. This story has a happy ending.

To briefly catch you up: BAT needs 10 actor editions of the script for Dr. Frankenstein by the time we start rehearsals. BAST could only find one copy here and another copy there. It would to eight separate ordered to come up with ten copies. That would mean eight shipping fees. So, BAT  contacted the publisher to see if they knew where BAT could get the scripts.

The long and short of the saga was that the publisher was going to ship ten scripts to BAT, but we had to pay in Britsh Pounds. We did that to pay for the royalties for the show.

Today, BAT got the invoice for the ten scripts. What a surprise. The publisher is sending the scripts to BAT including postage as a gift. The publisher is so kind. This gift brightened BAT’s day.

Thank you!


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  1. Lance Bowman says:

    Good things come to good people!

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