The joy of giving

I was walking into the PCC in Burien. I saw a young woman and her baby sitting under a small tree. She had a sign that said she needed money for rent.

As I walked by I stopped, said, Hi, and gave her a little money. Although it was not that much money, she seemed very happy.

I went in a did my shopping. While there I ended up cashing a larger bill at the register.

When I came out, I sat at the tables outside and took a minute to read part of a script BAT is considering for next year. As I read, I watched the people walking by the young woman and her child. Some ignored her. Some stopped and talked. Some gave her money. A couple gave her food they had bought in PCC.

It was interesting to watch. I did not notice much about the people who just walked by. The people who talked to her seemed alright. But what I did notice, and could not avoid noticing, was that everyone who gave the young woman something had a smile on their face when they walked away.

It is funny how giving to someone else makes us happy.

On the way back to my car, I stopped and gave the young woman a little more money. Sure enough, I found a smile on my face as I walked away.

BAT has its sign out too. In the next few months, we have rent and most importantly $7,200.00 in royalties due for the first few shows of the season. (Royalties are what BAT pays to get permission to produce the shows.)

Put a smile on your face. If you can, give a little to help. DONATE HERE. It can be as little as $5.00 or as much as $5,000.00. The amount you give is not as important as the fact you give.

I am willing to bet, if you give, there will be a smile on your face too.

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