BAT will not be accepting application for its annual scholarships

Burien Actors Theatre is saddened to announce it will not be offering its annual scholarships for Burien high school students this year. Over the years, BAT has helped many Burien high school students. This year, due to the Burien City Manager terminating BAT’s lease mid-season, BAT is not sure it will continue to exist. Since BAT might not be around to pay the scholarships, it does not make sense to accept applications.

Besides scholarships, according to a study by the Foster School of Business in 2017, BAT adds $141,000.00 to Burien’s economy every year, over and above ticket prices. Besides theater, BAT has a public lending library with 1,500 scripts and books on theater; BAT lists the approximately 155 restaurants in Burien on its website with hours and Yelp reviews; BAT has a dinner and show package with a local restaurant, BAT has a BATcoin program where BAT gives out $5 “coins” redeemable at a dozen local businesses; a local business sells BAT tickets; and BAT has a script club where once a month 15 to 20 people read a script and discuss it, often the script BAT will be producing, but other scripts as well. All of these ways BAT makes Burien better are now at risk.

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