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Hindle Wakes, by Stanley Houghton, was written in 1910. Set at the height of the woman suffrage movement, Hindle Wakes is a humorous look at social mores 108 years ago. The center of the play is an unmarried young couple, a mill worker, and the son of the mill owner, who take off for a weekend of fun. Despite their best efforts, their parents find out. Reputations are soiled; marriage is on the horizon. 

What makes Hindle Wakes shine is Fanny, the young woman. She was a woman ahead of her time, and she'll have none of it. She will steal your heart.

Hindle Wakes caused quite a scandal in 1912. Nevertheless, the play was reprinted eight times.

Actors and directors:


Sir Timothy Farrar                  Dale Bowers
Mrs. Hawthorn                        Susan Echols-Orton
Mrs. Jeffcote                           Pat Haines-Ainsworth
Nathaniel Jeffcote                   Phillip Keiman
Beatrice Farrar                        Kpojo Kparyea
Fanny Hawthorn                     Shawna Lloyd
Alan Jeffcote                           Ryan Sanders
Christopher Hawthorn             Tom Stewart
Stage directions                      Maggie Larrick


Stage director:

Devin Roger


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