Burien Actors Theatre's supporters for its 2016-17 season include:

ARCHANGELS ($10,000.00 or more):

ANGELS (5,000.00 or more):

Anonymous (2)

BENEFACTORS ($2,000.00 or more):

City of Burien

John White

Kelli Zielinski (through MicroSoft's volunteer payment plan)

THESPIANS ($1,000.00 or more):


Anonymous (1)

Alex Tyler (through MicroSoft's volunteer payment plan)

PATRONS ($500.00 or more):

Anonymous (1)

Chris Bailey

The Boeing Company (matching grants)

Michael Kelly

Kat McNeill & Lance Bowman

Ronda & Terry O'Brien

PRODUCTION PARTNERS ($250.00 or more):

Anonymous (2)

Sherry Brant

Scott Gifford

Paul & Laura Gould

John & Eileen Gray

Elizabeth Heath

Elaine Puderbaugh

Scott Wilson

Vera Werre

DIRECTOR'S ASSISTANTS ($100.00 or more):

Anonymous (2)

Cynthia Baumgardner

Frances Becker

John Corr

George 'Boomer' Counts

Jayne DeHaan

Krista Erickson

Charlene & Philip Gearhar

M. Ironside

Ron & Amy Johnson

Veronika Kalmar

Gary Long

Charles Northcutt

Marilyn Redmond

John Ruppeck

Ted & Gwynne Taylor

Dennis & Cathleen Schilling

Christine Schofield

Mack Van Wyk

Michael Webb

David Wilson

Sue and John Woolworth

Susan Zion

ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER  ($50.00 or more):

Anonymous (3)

Sharon Adler

Belinda & Kenneth Allender

Benita Buchanan

Myron & Sheryl Clinton

Gerald Constantino

George "Boomer" Counts

Anna & Frank Denton

Ellen Fawcett

Vic & Mildred Fettig

Robert Flor

Rochelle Flynn

Joyce Holloway

Michele Jacobs

Carleen Kiel

Sandra Kirchner

Kroeger (from your purchases at Fred Myer)

Tracy LeMoine

Rebecca McInteer

Mariyln Michalak

Eva Mitchell

Mary O'Malley

In Honor of Barbara Reamer

Cynthia Rodriguez

Sharon Skinner & Tom Smith

Tim Takechi


KEY GRIPS ($25.00 or more):

Amazon Smile (from your purchases at Amazon Smile)

Anonymous (9)

Steve & Maria Balsiger

Barb Chamberlain

Bob & Chestine Edgar

Martin & Susan Fore

Jim Langston

Robert McNeill

Ann Mielke

Alisa Murray

Jane Reamer

Lynda Rosendahl

Danielle Sabatka

Marissa Sandoval

Elva Schulz

Mark Steinberg

Neal Stoddard

Anne Toro

JUNIOR GRIPS (up to $25.00):

Anonymous (23)

Richard Kolon

Douglas & Paula Lindsay

Tracie Lievense

Mary Lorenz

Carolyn Michael

Pat Price

Joyce Ray

Kathleen Richardson

Edward & Cynthia Rodriguez

Richard Springer

Leon Tabachnick

Mail your donations to: BAT, P.O. Box 48121, Burien, WA 98148, or donate on our secured donation page by clicking the Donate Today! button below.  

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Burien Actors Theatre has also received corporate matching funds from:

The Boeing Company


The Seattle Foundation

Check with your employer to see if they will match your gift!


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