BATcoin: these rare, sought-after coins are only available from BAT. They come in one denomination only: $5.00.BAT CoinPhoto

You don’t have to data-mine to get BATcoin, but you do have to attend a performance at BAT (that’s only a good thing) and fill out an audience questionnaire. Then it is up to the theater fates. At every performance, BAT will give away two BATcoins to the lucky winner of a drawing from the BAT questionnaires filled out at that performance. - BATcoin is also available for gift giving from BAT. BAT sells four BATcoins for $20.00.

BATcoin is redeemable at the most prestigious locations in Burien. BATcoin is only redeemable at:

Armoire Chocolat (creators of the most amazing BAT chocolate bats!)

BAT's box office

BAT’s concessions and bar

Burien Press (Burien's finest coffee shop)

Burien Trophy (where the winners get their awards)

Maven Mercantile (where the best food awaits)

Phoenix Tea Shop (home of BALL, BAT’s lending library and supplier of the wonderful tea served at BAT)

Pickled & Preserved (supplier of BAT’s coffee and home of the best panini in King County)

Page 2 Books (home of a good read)

You can tell a retailer accepts BATcoin because there will be a sign near the cash register that says they accept BATcoin.

BAT logo ReducedThese businesses are very kind to BAT and they will knock your socks off with great staff and wonderful products. BAT believes in supporting Burien, especially these fine merchants. Even if you do not end up with BATcoin(s), please patronize these fine BAT supporters! They will make your trip to Burien all that more special.

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