sp coto spBurien Actors Theatre (BAT) goes green in all respects.  Not only are all of our operations focused on being environmentally friendly, but we strive to support our namesake the wild bat.  BAT encourages our patrons to get involved in supporting native wild bat populations by being environmentally conscious. We support Bats Northwest whose mission is to help wild bats in Washington State.

After all, BAT is just not another pretty face.


BAT was at the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon.

We were happy to see bats as part of the decor.FullSizeRender 9 300x225

Here is what the guidebook had to say:

"Look at the bat shaped drip tiles along the roofline. Each tile is adorned with five bats, representing the five blessings – long life, fortune, health, love of virtue and a painless passing. The Chinese language, rich in homonyms, abounds with double meanings. The sound “fu,” for the character “bat” is identical to that of the character for “happiness.”"




cropped Bat logo final color 300x191BAT’s logo is based on a Chinese bat. (Thanks to Stevie VanBronkhorst for the logo.)

As the Chinese characters for bat and happiness are the same, with the help of patrons, donors and volunteers, BAT is living proof that BAT is identical to happiness. BAT wishes every BAT-fan long life, fortune, health, love of virtue and a painless passing.









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